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Latest cases:

gas pipe line

Discover how a fact-based approach based on network optimization helped to add more than USD 1.0 Billion value to the base case and win the hearts of sceptical stakeholders.

Tackling the lack of Local Talent

Visagio was assigned to help HR in a remote area to accelerate the recruitment and training of employees in order to de-bottleneck the ramp-up its mine operations. Working with local communities and institutions was key to deliver to its promises.

Turning Around Warehouse Implementation

Visagio recovered a 4-month delay in a capital investment implementation in the Middle-East, delivering operational and independent staff. It was key to work with the senior management and the most junior operators to succeed.

Global Shared Services Implementation

Increasing overheads efficiency became one of top priorities by CEO during recession. However, if not well done, it will hit back at poor customer service. Understand Visagio’s Shared Service methodology to drive both cost reduction and service level improvements.

power meeting from above

Many companies still run several independent procurement divisions, not leveraging on the purchasing power, efficiency and quality gains via centralization. Understand how our client has significantly decreased overheads while increasing service levels.