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A Distinctive Approach

  • We go much further than delivering a PowerPoint presentation. On top of the traditional consulting skills of problem solving, project management, and stakeholder engagement, our team brings implementation skills to help our clients at all levels.
  • Our analytical capability as part of the Visagio Management Model is a distinctive resource that increases the value of our engagements.

1 Example of Analytical Model Capability (as part of projects that require this capability)

  • Optimization: AIMMS, CPLEX, CTL/CPL, LP Solve, etc.
  • Simulation: ARENA, SIMUL8, ARRISCA™, etc.
  • Others: 4Cast™ , V-Stock™, Library of Mathematical Models, Ludic Flows™, etc.

2 Example of Training Programs (as part of projects that require this capability)

  • Operational Training: Demand Management, S&OP Management, Process and Quality Control, Inventory Management, etc.
  • Business Games: Oil Game, Challenger™, Supply, SIMULOG™, Soya Game, S&OP Simulator, etc.

If you wish to know more about each of the components of the Visagio Management Model, please contact us.