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Educating Shared Services Demand

After you implement your Shared Service Centre (SSC) and optimized the internal processes, you might think you have achieved the key benefits you were looking for – overheads reduction and efficiency. Having a Service Catalogue will ensure your SSC customers request what they really need and, in its turn, your SSC grows sustainably.

Implementing a Management Model

Sometimes managers tend to follow HSSE as a compliance action rather than to lead HSSE as a real commitment to company’s performance and to its employees. Implementing a Management Model in the Health division allowed our client to standardize its processes and track all health-related issues in all operational sites. Health staff was reduced by 50% without compromising in HSSE.

Reducing Employees Time In Transit

This case exemplified how a small change can make a significant difference in health and safety. The implementation of a hub-and-spoke model for employee transportation resulted in about 45-min shorter journey per employee per day, an increase in transportation safety, and a significant reduction on transportation costs.

Fact Based Approach to Commercial Opportunities

A lot of time is spent on assumption-led discussions about Emerging Markets. A fact-based approach can bring a more realistic and in-depth assessment of the real market size for your products and services.

Structuring and Implementating Regional Call Centres

Centralizing your ‘front-office’ into regional centres may lead to call centre cost reduction while improving service levels to your local customers.

Redesigning your Sales Architecture

Has the number of salesmen and their allocation been always like this? Redesigning their efforts according to market needs may allow your organization to tap into hidden portfolio synergies and increase commercial effectiveness with less people.

Reducing Expenses with Head-Hunters

Standardizing your Recruitment process and defining the Service Level Agreements with the internal business divisions will allow you to significantly reduce the expenses with headhunters as well as using their value when appropriate.

Acheiving HR excellence

In many organizations the HR function is regarded as a secondary function, task-driven rather than people-driven. A strong management model helped our client to create and run its strategic initiatives by defining its goals and initiatives, creating discipline through a routine management model, and better controlling its own HR budget.

Transferring Supply Chain Expertise

Companies in emerging zones are facing the challenge to develop local management driven by nationalization requirements and need to be closer to local institutions and communities. Training local leaders on-the-job is one of the pillars to their professional development and growth.

Achieving Operation Performance Excellence

Discover how Visagio increased equipment availability time by almost 5% without increasing the hours of planned maintenance, leading to a bottom-line additional output of USD 40 Million per year.

Industry Storehouse Forklift

Optimizing your spare parts not only helps reducing working capital, but also increases service levels – having the part available when it is really necessary, avoiding shutdowns and production cuts.  Applying a mathematical model and analytical tool is key to manage inventory levels and avoid unnecessary spare part inventories, sometimes highly expensive but not necessarily highly critical.

Optimizing your Network of Warehouses and Stocks

In big capital investment decisions, the liaison between real operations and investment decisions may seem too far to be reconciled. Discover how Visagio’s expertise on process simulation can help you make better decision by increasing the ‘awareness of risk’ and connecting the dots between complex operational uncertainties and financial decisions.

Simulating a port development to assess Joint-Venture value

In big capital investment decisions, the liaison between real operations and investment decisions may seem too far to be reconciled. Discover how Visagio’s expertise on process simulation can help you make better decision by increasing the ‘awareness of risk’ and connecting the dots between complex operational uncertainties and financial decisions.

Align your strategy with your organizations activities

Do you have a clear bottom-up understanding of how your organization will deliver your business plan targets? Discover how a Strategic PMO (SMO) can help you clarify the financial gaps and the critical projects and, more importantly, act upon their risks and issues.

Implementing a Financial KPI Dashboard

It is not rare to find companies with financial reports manually generated by several individuals in different parts of the organization. A centrally-managed KPI dashboard would allow employees support the business in more strategic tasks and create a unique standard and reference for  calculating KPI’s.

Implementation of a Global Strategic Sourcing

Many organizations with global footprint have not implemented yet a global sourcing organization that would leverage on the purchasing power and efficiency of centralization. In this case, our client has significantly saved in capital equipments by defining what should be procured centrally and locally in Greenfield and Brownfield projects.

Supplier Development Program

Many of the key resource-based industries are happening in ‘tough’ zones. Relationship with local authorities and suppliers are key to the success in new areas of exploration. Understand how Visagio helped a Mining company to define how to develop local suppliers.

Implementing a KPI Factory

“You can’t manage and control what you can’t measure.” In the ‘Big Data’ era, implementing a KPI Factory Model may be a cost-efficient way to create accountability and drive results at all levels in your organization. It helps creating an unbiased internal reference for the entire organization, reducing the burden of data analysis from business divisions.

power meeting from above

Many companies still run several independent procurement divisions, not leveraging on the purchasing power, efficiency and quality gains via centralization. Understand how our client has significantly decreased overheads while increasing service levels.

Global Shared Services Implementation

Increasing overheads efficiency became one of top priorities by CEO during recession. However, if not well done, it will hit back at poor customer service. Understand Visagio’s Shared Service methodology to drive both cost reduction and service level improvements.

Turning Around Warehouse Implementation

Visagio recovered a 4-month delay in a capital investment implementation in the Middle-East, delivering operational and independent staff. It was key to work with the senior management and the most junior operators to succeed.

Tackling the lack of Local Talent

Visagio was assigned to help HR in a remote area to accelerate the recruitment and training of employees in order to de-bottleneck the ramp-up its mine operations. Working with local communities and institutions was key to deliver to its promises.

gas pipe line

Discover how a fact-based approach based on network optimization helped to add more than USD 1.0 Billion value to the base case and win the hearts of sceptical stakeholders.