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Ten recommendations

This white paper is based on Visagio own experience in more than 20 SSC implementation projects. It focuses on best practices rather than on the mistakes to avoid during a SSC Implementation. We believe they are the Top 10 best practices and are presented in no particular order.

MRO stock management

Stock management is designed to guarantee the desired service level at the lowest possible logistics cost, seeking to optimize the sum of stock maintenance, order placement and shortage costs. This article proposes to present an analysis methodology and stock optimization models that fit the characteristics of MRO items, as well as present a real success story of MRO stock optimization.

Supply chain leadership

In this white paper we consider how flexible supply chains can reduce the hurdles that emerge in times of uncertainty, and improve ROCE in the long term. Implementing an ‘asset-light’ supply chain allow companies to quickly respond to unexpected shifts in demand and to liberate capital employed from their balance sheet.


Although the largest producer and exporter of ethanol sugar cane, Brazil presents significant logistics bottlenecks for product’s distribution and exportation. Studies related to the supply chain industry identify the pipeline as an adequate alternative for large volumes transportation. The investment of US$ 3 billion will allow a maturing of the sector towards more stable prices, consolidation of supply, distribution and increase agility in the exportation capacity to other markets.