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HSSE at the core of what we do

The personal and professional wellbeing of all those with whom we work or are impacted by our work is our top priority. Our HSSE Management System addresses key areas related to the core nature of the work performed by Visagio such as confidentiality of information, travel, and visits to client sites.

Our HSSE Management System is supported by the following policies:

  • Occupational Health Program
  • Information Security & Confidentiality Policy
  • Travel Policy & Safety Rules
  • Environmental Prevention Program

Our RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations) for the last year shows the following:

Number of employees Total hours worked No. over 3-day lost-time injuries No. dangerous occurrences No. deaths
230 372,872 3 2 0

If you wish to obtain more information or any of the policies noted above, including our HSSE Management System, we would be happy to provide them to you. Please email to