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What our people say about our company

The doors at Visagio are always open to new challenges. The company leaders are always close to the consultants and clients, what avoids communication barriers and ensures good implementation timing. I look back with pride and realize how much I contributed to the company's success.

J. Heineman, Consultant

Vision and mission statements at Visagio are not only sentences written on a chalkboard. Company leaders understand that the best way to develop the company is developing the team. All are treated equally, regardless of seniority or experience. Therefore all consultants understand how their contribution is critical to the growth and development of the company as a whole.

M. Boscardin, Consultant

The professional autonomy encouraged by Visagio is one of the main ingredients for a learning environment and delivery excellence.

T. Lemos, Communications & Marketing Manager

Visagio respects the consultants’ autonomy by encouraging creative and innovative attitudes, allowing consultants to build their legacy and sense of ownership. All consultants are constantly willing to help and have similar values, which facilitates integration and team building.

G. Runte, Consultant

People at Visagio put their trust in you from the very first day. They are professional and kind at the same time and that is why I call them the Visagio family.

D. Madine, Consultant

The professional autonomy stimulated by Visagio makes each consultant feel he owns a piece of the company. What differentiates Visagio is not only the ability to implement, but the commitment to results and quality of proposed solutions. The mission to be the main partner of our clients is in the blood of each consultant at Visagio, making the collaborative environment our main competitive advantage.

B. Jacome, Partner

Visagio naturally stimulates consultants to act in entrepreneurial ways, supporting the connection between their personal and professional goals.

E. Gandour, Consultant

Visagio’s career path enables fast growth according to performance and commitment. Delegation by the leaders creates a challenging environment of constant self-overcoming spirit. Visagio defined my life and allowed me to see the business world with a completely different perspective.

I. Ferreira, Associate Consultant

Visagio has a very dynamic business model, what makes it the best place to take responsibility and apply knowledge to achieve tangible results.

L. Guarabyra, Consultant