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I can’t manage what I can’t measure

Implementing a Financial KPI Dashboard

It is not rare to find companies with financial reports manually generated by several individuals in different parts of the organization. A centrally-managed KPI dashboard would allow employees support the business in more strategic tasks and create a unique standard and reference for  calculating KPI’s.

I can’t deliver what I can’t manage

Align your strategy with your organizations activities

Do you have a clear bottom-up understanding of how your organization will deliver your business plan targets? Discover how a Strategic PMO (SMO) can help you clarify the financial gaps and the critical projects and, more importantly, act upon their risks and issues.

Delivering a more efficient Finance organization

Global Shared Services Implementation

Increasing overheads efficiency became one of top priorities by CEO during recession. However, if not well done, it will hit back at poor customer service. Understand Visagio’s Shared Service methodology to drive both cost reduction and service level improvements.